Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In Iran, all women are banned from watching live football matches, a decision which President Ahmadinejad wished to repeal but he was overruled by the ulema....

Kelab Seni Filem's next film is framed against this background --

Jafar Panahi; 2006, 93 min
This film recounts what happens when a group of six girls try to sneak into a stadium where the Iran-Bahrain World Cup qualfying match is taking place. They are caught, and although excluded from the game, they are not allowed to go home. While Iran's most important match in years unfolds within earshot but out of view, they are put in the custody of three young and bewildered army conscripts. United by their patriotism and an obsessive desire for Iran to win, but divided by their views on the proper place for women, the characters in Offside represent a society in the process of tumultuous change. Inspired by the occasion when the director's own daughter was refused entry to a football stadium.
Awards: Silver Bear, Berlin Film Festival 2006; Best Film, Amnesty International Film Award 2006.

Monday 19 Nov 8.00pm

Akan datang

BMW Shorties - screening of nominations for the BMW short film competition 2007
- beginning Friday 30 November, details to come.

Palestinian Film Festival
Many members missed the first few films of this program owing to the short notice, we will make amends by re-screening a number of the films at a later date.

Happy viewing

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